Are you willing to wobble?

What am I willing to do to get the people I serve to buy in?

Whether you’re serving an external customer or citizen, or you serve internal clients, ask yourself this question.

Case in point:

Part of my job is to provide leadership and management training to government employees. It’s a fun job, but requires tons of thinking on your feet and preparation to make it count.  Long hours are spent balancing designing and building curriculum that meets objectives along with making it engaging, innovative, and memorable.

Ultimately, we’re teaching people all the things you wish your boss knew – treating people with respect, accountability, effective change management, etc.

In my classes, one way I engage people is through music.  My tastes and playlists are a bit…eclectic… some might say weird. Often, at breaks (and sometimes in the middle of a session) I’ll break out the iPod and play some music to catch people off guard. I also like to get people back from the breaks on time by making them dance if they’re late.

Enter The Wobble.

Whatever the dance craze is, there is always a group of folks who have no idea that it exists.  There are even more who are shocked to hear the song in a class.  Heck, I might even break into my own really sad version of the dance if that’s what it takes to make a connection.

The question, then, is what are you willing to do to make a connection?  Are you willing to make a complete fool of yourself?  Are you willing to wow someone with something they didn’t expect?

I’m not saying you have to drop your coat and tie to do the latest dance craze, but then again, what would it hurt?  Is that what the audience needs from you?

Remember the saying, “All things being equal, people will do business with a friend.” Connecting is about more than good content.

My question to you: What’s your wobble?  I’d love to know.  I might use it!

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