You’re not going to believe this…

I live in Homewood, AL.  It’s a small suburb just south of Birmingham. I often call it Mayberry.  Everyone walks with their dogs, kids, spouses, etc., and it’s a really wonderful place to live.

This week I saw something that completely blew me away…and that’s hard to do.

Early in the morning, I walked past my window and noticed that my neighbor across the street had put his trash out and a cat/raccoon had strewn it all over his front lawn.  “That sucks,” I said to myself, “when he wakes up, the garbage truck will already have come and he’ll have to pick all that up.”

A couple of minutes later, I noticed that the garbage truck was parked outside on the street for longer than usual.  I went to the window and was shocked at what I saw.

Sure, you’ve figured it out…they picked up all the trash for him.  The driver of the truck (the head honcho of the garbage truck crew) had even crawled down out of the truck to help pick it up as well!!!

Yes, you heard that right. The crew had picked up the trash. The homeowner didn’t know it, their boss didn’t know it, they didn’t even know that ANYONE knew it…but they did it anyway.

This is a nice example of some of the great employees in government that you don’t ever hear about.

Stereotype: Lazy, bare minimum, not in my job description people.

Actuality: People who do the right thing ONLY because it’s the right thing to do.

Now what?  What would you do? If these were your employees, how would you handle it?

If they were my employees, I’d throw a party…take them to dinner…give them an award…anything to recognize their efforts and signal to everyone else who worked for me that this behavior got noticed.

Have you ever seen this type of unexpected service? I’d love to hear about it.


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