Go to the $1.00 store!!!

It’s Friday afternoon and the world of government is grinding to a close.  Today was a good day.  Where I work, our 3 member training department is really kind of an anomaly in that we’re all very extroverted (surprise) in an otherwise introverted organization.

Being the group that’s “out there” certainly has its benefits.  Today, at lunch, the 3 of us decided to go toImage the $1.00 store and buy a bunch of really cheesy stuff to make our office more festive.  Summer is fast approaching and since we can’t go to the beach, we thought we’d bring it here to our little slice of…

Government buildings are drab, gray, tan, blah, and we often think it’s best not to be flashy with our tax dollars so we really make everything look quite depressing.  I’m not talking about the castles we build in the Federal Government, but those “prison-school-office-wow this place is depressing” local government type buildings.

I say we should be making the buildings look better and more inviting. After all, studies have shown that productivity goes way up when the environment is more conducive to productivity.  One study even goes as far as saying:

It is therefore imperative for governments at the federal and state levels to explore ways of improving and updating infrastructural facilities in order to make work environment more conducive for enhancement of labour productivity.

People are all thinking we should be cutting back on government. I say we should be getting more out of the people we’re already paying and that will let us do more with less.  And don’t give me that crap about they should just be happy to have a job!


So, I ask you: What are you doing about the employee environment to be more productive?  Are you putting out sodas? Putting art up on the walls?  Heaven forbid…painting a non gray/taupe color? (gasp!!!)

Find something to do that peps up your office a little.

Our team here might just be on to something…

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