3 ways to learn a new job…Quickly!!!

You just got the news.  You’ve been reassigned or maybe your organization has “restructured” and now you have more responsibility. As you drag yourself from your bosses office, your wheels spin as you’re trying to digest what all this means.

I know it feels like you’re a ball lost in tall weeds but it’s time to get moving!

So how can you learn a new job or to cover new responsibilities quickly? Good news, there are 3 quick and dirty steps to becoming an expert that anyone can do.

1. Join a local (and maybe national) organization. Not the Chamber, but a professional organization that focuses on the area you’re now covering. Every discipline has some sort of organization that can really help you learn and get better at your craft so join quickly. Our local ASTD chapter was a great resource for me as I was learning to engage an audience. Often, they offer workshops and training sessions for people new to your craft.

2. Call in favors from your network.  LinkedIn is a great resource to search through your network and find people who have the skills you’re looking for. Find someone locally who is willing to have lunch with you and give you some insight.  Trust me when I say you’re not the first person to get the new responsibilities.  LinkedIn also allows you to join groups that are relevant to your…uh, situation.

3. Find a mentor. Most likely, there is someone in your organization that used to do whatever it is that you are getting tasked with now. Utilize their expertise. If they aren’t your first choice on how to do things, just ask what worked and didn’t when they were there.  Reinventing the wheel has already been done a thousand times and you don’t have time to do it again.

What other tips do you have? How do you learn something new?


3 thoughts on “3 ways to learn a new job…Quickly!!!

  1. Solid advice man! The internet is a resourceful tool to get to some people that will have the expertise you see. That is provided the “ego” allows you humility to ask for help. I have seen it time and time again where folks struggle because they are too proud to ask for help.

    Bravo on the tips sir. And thanks for coming by our place. Your comments are very much appreciated.

  2. Thanks Ralph. I agree that ego trips us up often, particularly with new managers. We think we should already know things so asking makes us lose face…in our minds.

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