What Stephen Covey Didn’t Teach Us

ImageYou know who Stephen Covey is. You know that he died recently at the age of 79. You know that he wrote one of the most popular books in history.

Recently, I read a summary of 10 Covey quotes that can change your life, and one of them really paralleled what we were discussing recently and how people make time for what they want to make time for.

#5 Most of us spend too much time on what is urgent and not enough time on what is important.

I guess I’m most people. Even though I think I’m different/special/better, I’m most people.

You are too…


Remember this grid? So what’s the problem with it?

How in the heck do we determine what is important vs. urgent???

That’s the missing piece…no one ever tells you how to determine if something is important vs. urgent…you’re just supposed to know. 

That’s why I’m here. Remember, “those who can’t do teach?” Yep, that’s probably accurate here. I think it’s a little like golf…I know what to do to hit it straight, I just don’t do it. 

Let’s begin.

1. Start by listing out all of your items just for today.

STOP! I said today. Not next week. Not next month. Don’t even list your goals. ONLY today’s items.

2. Prioritize the list.important vs. urgent

This is where most people would drop you off and leave you to the wolves…NO, not me. To prioritize is simple. It’s actually an old budgeting technique. Essentially, that’s what we’re doing here; budgeting time.

Look at your list of 10 items. If you only get a chance to do ONE of them, which would it be? Think end of the world, you are dying tomorrow, I’ll never have another chance at life, kind of thing. Put a 1 out beside that item.

Then, repeat the exercise and put a 2 beside it. Eventually, you’ll have an importance list.

What’s your priority? What is important to you? Do you?

I think I often confuse the important with the urgent…Leave a comment and let me know.

(For the record, I know that Covey’s book was a starting point and that everyone has to find these things out on their own.)


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