The Passion of the…Customer

Customer service is truly a passion.

passion for customers, No, not the passion you might think – the passion where you get all excited and don’t realize how much you’re working – rather definition of passion for the last 1,000 years before the 1990’s. More like passion you see from Mel Gibson’s Passion of the Christ. The kind of passion that involves  total suffering and labor.

You know what I mean. There is no way you can enjoy the experience because it’s so painful. Remind you of anything? Sounds a little like government service for some. Why do we make our customers (constituents/taxpayers/citizens) pay for our unhappiness? We make them suffer but they don’t have any other choice. They’re definitely not here because they want to be…

I think it’s because we have too many people “Right Fit Roles.”

Why do you stay in a role that doesn’t fit? Why do you STAY miserable if you hate your job?

I know, you don’t hate your job…you just hate your boss/co-workers/technology/system/etc.


Here’s the problem. Christ’s mission was to save those who were lost. Your mission isn’t that important. Yeah, it’s important to you, but you need to step back and see that your mission is not worth this kind of passion.

So what do I do? I think it comes down to 3 steps to avoiding the passion of the customer:

1. Recognize that your job is replaceable. You’re using the excuse that jobs are tough to find. I know you can’t go somewhere and get paid the same kind of money for the level of education or skills you currently have, but that’s no excuse. Get the skills. Find an education. Search for a company that you can get excited about working for. you’ll be amazed how well you will do if you’re excited.

2. Say it out loud. Make a commitment to replacing it. Let people close to you know that you’re committed to making a change even though it’s going to mean giving up a pension. Saying it out loud is the biggest step/first step in making a change. When I decided to get my MBA, the process started when I told someone other than my wife, “I am going back to get my master’s next year.”

Dangerous workplace behavior3. Run like hell! I’m scared to death of snakes. I don’t mean the poisonous ones; I mean all of them – as in I will wreck a car to run one over. You have to realize that you’re playing with snakes by sticking around. Snakes who will suck the life out of you. Snakes who will suck you into the system way of thinking. Snakes who will wrap around you a slowly crush the spirit (life) out of you. RUN! As fast as you possibly can, RUN!!!

It doesn’t have to be government. I was in a job like that in the private sector and got a job that I LOVE in the government. Unfortunately, I see a lot of people who are playing with snakes.

I think that’s why you dread going to the DMV.

Are you living a passion or are you passionate? That question is crucial for your happiness.

Do you agree? What would you add? Leave a comment and let me know.

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