Can’t see the trees for the forest

forestI know this is backwards. Follow me here…

I’m working with a very high level team of people doing a session to help them understand each other better and ultimately drive better business results.

Individually, they’re all top performers who understand the business and think at a very high level. As a group, they aren’t clicking on all cylinders. The good news, is they want to get better. The bad news, they don’t realize where they are.

After using a few individual and team assessments, it’s evident that they collectively think they are a very high functioning team. Realistically, they’re not as highly functioning as they might think.

Where’s the gap?

Most people struggle with thinking at a high enough level. Sometimes, it’s possible to think too highly…

Make sure you’re taking time to notice areas that could be improved. Yes, you have to focus on business results; however, the areas of communication and real teamwork can take a backseat. The danger here is missing opportunities that would actually make the business better.

Communication and teamwork provide candor, feedback, new ideas, less downtime due to silos, etc.

What are you doing to work at being a better team? If you don’t, you’ll likely only see the forest – and miss the trees. Without the trees, it’s not a forest…

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