A different view

ImageIf you’re smart and self-aware, you have a good idea of what people think about you. Seems simple enough, right?

Problem is, what people see is always based on their perspective. It’s idea that if you hold your hand in front of your face, and then extend it to arms length, it looks like it’s a different size. Realistically, it isn’t but the view is very different based on perspective.

Over the last few weeks, I’ve been leading a 360 feedback type leadership assessment. As I’ve interviewed people from all around the participant, there are certainly themes developing. Today, I spoke with a top level executive. 

Man, was the perspective different! Sure, the themes I’d seen were there, but the view of this person from someone who is at that high of a level was very different than what their peers and reports see.

There’s the challenge. I should always be asking myself how others see me, but I should really be concerned with how people above me see me. 


Because their perspective is unique. I can see from here; I cannot see from there. They’ve already accomplished great things and think differently.

To get where they are, I have to think like they think.

Am I concerned with how my friends see me?

Am I concerned with how my boss sees me?

Am I concerned with how my people see me? 

Here’s one for perspective: Am I concerned with how God sees me?

Those are the questions. Answer: I should be…

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