Branding – it’s there when you’re not

I’ve got a great job working for a great company around some great people.

Last week, I took off for the beach. I spent the whole week thinking about non-work related things (even though I dreamed our CEO was at my house for some reason…creepy…). I was gone a total of 10 days. It was great.

While I was gone, a little magic sign fairy stuck this sign on my door.

ImageA. You’re welcome for the visual of me on the beach

B. It occurred to me that while I wasn’t thinking about anyone here, they were thinking of me


Apparently, I’m known for whistling around the office. I’m also known as Mr. Sticky Note. When you walk by my office, you’ll notice the excessive flipchart pages on the wall and the many sticky notes that I use to help me think (Don’t judge me…I’m spatial).

The key takeaway here is that in a few short months, I’ve built a reputation (completely unintentionally) for these 2 things. The fact that people would hang that on my door speaks to my brand. The fact that the people who work for me (and I’m pretty sure my boss was in on it) hung this up speaks to my brand.

I wonder what kind of brand I could build intentionally?

No, not the LinkedIn/Facebook/Twitter perfect profile where you write it in the 3rd person like someone else is lavishing praise on you, but the one where my brand comes to mind even when I’m not there.

What kind of brand are you building?

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