Don’t advertise your weaknesses…

Everyone is trying to jump on the Social Media bandwagon, right? Sure they are.  You hear “join us on Facebook” and “Follow us on Twitter” regularly, even outfits you’d never expect.

That said, if you’re considering a move to/on FB/Twitter, make a move.  Don’t pull a false start.

I’m a bit of a coupon hound and appreciate good marketing.  I use Groupon, City Coupons, Amazon Deals, etc., but one way I think is particularly relevant is on Twitter.  You have chosen to follow me because you like what I’m doing and want to stay informed.

The other day, I was sitting in the car watching my 1 yr old while my
I jumped on Twitter looking for anything that might be out that day. That’s when I saw a HUGE hole in SK’s business strategy.  This is what it looked like – My wife ran into Smoothie King.  Being the coupon lover that I am, I spotted this poster right in the front window directly in front of my car.  Down in the right corner (get past the sexy woman you’ll be if you drink smoothies) you’ll see the FB/Twitter advertisements.

Note the last Tweet – 179 days! 2,878 followers and no Tweets for 179 days!

No, it’s not ONLY that they aren’t active on Twitter, it’s that they are asking people to go somewhere they aren’t! No SM strategy = no business strategy…here’s why:

They spent thousands, no doubt, developing advertisements, printing posters, sending out communication to their stores, and otherwise investing in getting out the word that they were going to engage customers.  Then, without regard to the implications, they weren’t there when the customer came to see them.

What if they tried that with a Brick & Mortar location? They’d be carted off and told to drink the energy additive that “Helps increase energy, brain function and mental alertness.

Do you know why we capitalize the word Internet? Because it’s a place, not a thing.

What does this tell you about their marketing strategy?  About their customer retention strategy?  About their customer interaction strategy?

Don’t tell everyone where your weaknesses are.  Make them figure it out on their own.

What weakness are you advertising?  People skills? Anger management? Leadership? Don’t draw attention to something you haven’t worked on. I’d love to hear what you think.